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Merolla Photo
1219 Winhurst Dr.
Akron, OH 44313


Merolla Photo is Kevin and Cassandra Merolla, a husband and wife team dedicated to capturing moments and turning them into lasting memories! Merolla Photo does photography and videography services.

What started out as a hobby has turned into something a little more creative and passionate thanks to plenty of hours spent out in the field. We love to bring you what we see in the world, the natural beauty that it holds, through our lenses. Honestly, we will take a picture of just about anything we see! We do not like to alter or photoshop our images heavily, and try to avoid it if at all possible. We want you to see the same things we did, so that you might be able to remember them as we did.

Kevin shoots with a Canon 5DIII, typically with a Canon 70-200 f2.8mm lens (but sometimes uses a Canon 28-135mm,or a Sigma 2.8 fixed 17-50mm). Cassandra shoots with a Canon Rebel T2i, typically with a Tamron 18-250mm lens (but sometimes with a Sigma 50-500mm, or a wide angle Tamron 10-24mm). We also have several other lens with our equipment, including a Sony HD camcorder, and HD Hero cam, and Bell and Howell night vision camcorder, as well as two Speedlite flashes and Manfrotto tripods.

Any pictures you find here on our site are available for purchase at a very reasonable rate. Photos are printed and shipped directly to you. Simply click 'Buy' on the photos that you want (if you are viewing them alongside thumbnails of other pics), or click on the little cart at the top of the screen if you are viewing the photo alone. Find the size that you want and order! Simple as that! Or, you can order more than one photo from a single gallery by clicking on 'Buy', then 'Photos in this Gallery' when you are viewing the image alongside thumbnails of other photos.

You can also buy merchandise with our photos on it! We offer a wide variety of items to suit your needs! You will find that our rates are very comparable with other printing companies. Why make them rich when you can help our small business out? :)

Most of our photos are available for download as well. You can download an entire gallery, or single photo, whatever you like! When you right click on the image that you want to save, this will allow you to save the image with our watermark on it. If you would like to download the photo without our watermark, simply click on the cart at the top of the screen when you are viewing the photo alone, then click on the 'Downloads' tab. You can purchase multiple downloads, just like you can purchase multiple photos. We like to discourage downloading our pics and then sending them to other companies for printing, simply to ensure that you get a quality printing of the photograph.

All images are copyrighted and are property of Merolla Photo, unless otherwise specified and arranged with the client. No photos are to be distributed without consent.